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Tech Ascendance


Tech Ascendance is a tech concierge subscription service providing patient and professional tech help to individuals and businesses in North Idaho. 

Member Benefits
- Connect with a local expert for solutions to your tech challenges 
- Access training on internet safety
- Learn how to protect your personally identifiable information and effectively navigate and manage interactions online 
- Receive updates on the latest frauds and scams, including healthcare and internet frauds targeting seniors

Support for you. 
New phones, tablets and computers can have a daunting learning curve - we're here to work with you and help you conquer your tech challenges. 

Speak with a local expert. 
Our tech experts are local, patient and ready to answer your most challenging tech questions. 

Arm yourself against frauds and scams. 
Over $1B was lost by to scams and frauds in 2020, as reported by the FBI’s IC3 Elder Fraud Report. Tech Ascendance empowers members to become aware of and evasive to frauds and scams.

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